In order to demonstrate our poweful features, we are offering you the chance to examine our system by yourself. First, you will need to configure your browser. Go to our configuration section and complete the configuration according to your own choices. For quick starters, use the following:

Host: somebody.net
Port : 666

UAE users read our Frequently Asked Questions section first.

Access to our services is limited to destination addresses. Below you will find the links that are most likely to be blocked, restricted or not supported by most of the Internet Service Providers. Test your browser first to figure out which address you are denied access for then come back and see that you can access them without limitations through our proxy servers. 

In order to utilize our service for all the rest of the internet, you will need to sign up with us to obtain your user ID and password. Otherwise FREE TRIAL and test drive is limited to only the following domains:

WE REPEAT AGAIN: You can only access the web sites mentioned on this page without a username and password. If you try to access any other address on internet, you would be asked a username and password. That is the whole purpose of free trial: To show you it works. We felt the necessity to emphasize this once again since it is one of the most commonly asked questions.

Banned, Censored, Blocked Domains

Cryptography Research
Internet Privacy Coalition
International Privacy
Undeground / Hackers Group
Hackers Group
Playboy Adult Magazine
Penthouse Adult Magazine
New Generic Top Level Domains (.web .media .space ...)
Web Internet Registry   http://nic.web

(Yes you are seeing it right. Indeed these domains end in .web or .media instead of the standard ones like .com or .net . Click on them and see for yourself that they are just like regular domains. There are hot debates on these issues. Visit Alternic for more details. These sites would give "DNS Error, host not found" messages in 98% of other ISPs. This is because these domain names are New Generic Top Level Domain names and DNS (domain name service) is not provided since they are new extensions in Internet. Our servers provide ROOT DNS service for all these new domains names (like .nic, .mall, .web, .film etc) in accordance with their registry AlterNIC.)

Of course, the final touch is from us :) http://someone.somebody
And something little more peculiar: http://doubleyoudoubleyoudoubleyou.someone.somebody

NOTE: Some of these sites go down due to circumstances unknown to us. The owner might remove the web site, or change its address etc. If they don't work, let us know and we will replace the site with a new one.

NOTE: Somebody Inc. does neither approve nor disapprove the operation or purpose of these sites. They are mentioned here for the sole purpose of showing you that they can be accessed through us. 

NOTE: Free trial service is available only for web browsing. IRC, ICQ, Napster, Internet Telephony proxies and other services offered by us are only for members. There is no free trial for those services. You will need to obtain a membership to use them.

NOTE: If you are being asked for a username and password when you are visiting any of the addresses listed above, just click on CANCEL on the popup window. This is because of the external links hyperlinked  from those web sites. For example, we might allow access to privacy.org but if privacy.org has an image or banner on their website linking to www.bannerexchange.com , a username and password would be required for that address since we do not offer free trial access to it. You can simply click on cancel and the rest of the site will display properly except that banner or image.


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