Major services offered by us and brief information about them.

Web Proxy Services ( HTTP FTP HTTPS )
Web Proxy Service for FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols is the flagship of our product line. We provide proxies to allow users access internet unrestricted. If you cannot visit web sites or if your Internet Service Provider limits your use of internet, you can use our proxy servers to bypass them and access everything. Usage is very simple and straightforward. Check out our configuration section then test drive our services to experience it for yourself.

As many ISPs are already congested, by using our servers not only you will be having unrestricted access, but also your browsing and access times will be faster. Try our free trial offer and you will agree with us on that. We have plenty of members reporting as much as 40% increase in their web surfing speeds compared to their origin ISPs. We purchase additional dedicated lines whenever our bandwidth quota reaches 70% of our available bandwidth. We implement 4 nameservers on a dual redundancy backbone therefore our services are pretty robust. Say goodbye to slow internet access blues!


IRC and ICQ Proxy Services
While being the most important cornerstone of the century, Internet can sometimes be very harmful and malevolent for both novice and expert users. There are always people with malicious intent present at each corner of the net. Being the most popular tools of interaction between people, IRC and ICQ also provide malicious people ways to exploit your system. The inherent design in them allows others to obtain your computer's IP address very easily. Once a person has your IP address, they can use various tools and programs to attack your computer. They can flood you, they can nuke you, they can implant trojans or backdoors on your computer, they can take over your computer. There are many programs floating on internet that even automates this entire process.

Let's face it. It must have happened to almost every one of us at least once: Got nuked, got disconnected, had to reboot our computer, got our hard drive messed up, had our cdrom tray opening and closing, had strangers giving us messages inside our own computer, had people threatening us, had people scaring us, had important files disappearing, had our personal mails distributed to others, had things done with our computer without our consent. Well, this is a common scenario for many.

Fortunately, no more! By using our IRC and ICQ proxy servers, no one will be able to obtain your IP address and damage you through IRC or ICQ again. They can only see our IP address and they can never figure out your real IP address. If they are trying to hack you, they are in reality trying to hack our server! No worries, we can handle that while you are on the safe side. Besides, why not to have your ip show a cool in IRC or in ICQ!


Internet Telephony Services (Net2Phone, Dialpad, PC2Phone etc)
Many ISPs and telcos block access to Internet Telephony products in order not to lose their revenues from the exorbitant prices they charge for international calls.

Our Internet Telephony proxies address this need. All Internet Telephony products are supported including Net2Phone, PC2Phone, Vocaltec, Dialpad. You can use our proxy servers to user your internet telephony products and make international calls usually times and times cheaper than your local ISP charges.

Internet Telephony proxy license is per person. Companies can buy bulk licenses at very competitive prices.


Anonymizing and Privacy Protection Services

Many people use the Internet under the illusion that their actions are private and anonymous. Many think that the world wide web is an anonymous playground for visiting their favorite sites from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Unfortunately, it isn't so. Every time you visit a site, you leave a calling card that reveals private and personal information. Where you're coming from, what kind of computer you have, and other details of your on-line adventures are available to every site you enter. And most sites keep logs of all your visits.

We all know about internet marketers and their utilities to gather statistics about you for marketing purposes without your consent. Almost all of us have been targets to such attacks at least once while surfing the net.

Our Server prevents web sites from tracking you and from accessing sensitive information in your browser. We act as an agent between you and the site you want to view. You connect to us, then the we go off in the network to find the page you wish to view. We act as a security screen between you and the web site page.

For more details, see what anyone can know about you without any effort: ABOUT YOU


Faster Web Surfing Service
Nowadays, due to high quality equipment used in setting up networks, call centers and availability of line duplexers, almost all Internet Connection Providers offer near robust connection services. But the problem on internet connections is not the access point, but usually is their caches or proxy servers as those are most of the time congested or overloaded.

Your internet access might not be blocked by your ISP or you do not need an anonymizing service. But by using our proxy servers for web surfing, your browsing and access times will be faster. Try our free trial offer and we are sure you will agree with us on that. We have plenty of members reporting as much as 40% increase in their web surfing speeds compared to their origin ISPs. We purchase additional dedicated lines whenever our bandwidth quota reaches 70% of our available bandwidth. We implement 4 nameservers on a dual redundancy backbone therefore our services are pretty robust. Say goodbye to slow internet access blues!


Anonymous Mail Service

There are times when you wish to send some e-mail without letting the recipient know who you are. When you send mail from your regular ISP, the mail headers always reveal who you are.

From our web-based anonymous mail form, we allow you to send e-mail without revealing who you are. The mail headers does not contain any information about you whatsoever. Stay tuned for more mail features like encryption, chaining, latency time etc. Check out our coming soon page to get an idea of what is being expected next.


Security Protection

Consider this attack:

Go to this page. You will be asked a user name and password. Choose any of the following combinations:

john letmein
jayne hello
tester tester
hacker breakit

As you will notice, the username you typed in wil be effectively logged. This method is similiar to cookies but it just uses environment variables. Alternately, we might ask you to enter your own user name and password. Since most of the time users type in the same username password as their login to their ISP, we might write a perl script that will collect your user name and password and the other environment variables (most notably REMOTE_HOST), telnet in to that address of your Internet Service Provider and try to log in to your account while you are happily viewing the pages.Since it is illegal for us to try to break into your account, we cannot demonstrate it here but if you contact us and allow us to do that, we will demonstrate that for you.

By effectively removing your IP address and remote host, we eliminate the posiblity of such an attack.

NOTE: Usernames given above do not work at anywhere else on our web site. Do not waste your time trying to enter our members area with these. Also, for God's sake, use some intelligence. At least half of the users trying the above address are not properly authenticating themselves. The username is given, the password is given. What possibly can be done wrong? How can you type the wrong password? IT IS GIVEN ABOVE. USE YOUR BRAIN FOR ONCE AT LEAST. Unfortunately, if you are exhibiting this level of IQ, we can't very much protect you let alone communicate with you.


Company Protection

Our service allows you to surf the web without revealing any personal information or information about your company.

Running SOMEBODY as a local proxy server, a company can protect all its web users from sites which harvest personal information and track viewer interest. This is essential to protect your customers from many invasions of privacy on the world wide web. All our clients are protected from magic cookies (used to track a viewer), from Java and Active X access to browser and hard drive information, and from usage tracking by I.P. address.

If you represent a business whose employees use the Internet for sensitive political, legal, or market research, a bulk purchase of our services effectively and cheaply masks your on-line corporate activities. No web site can track your ongoing interest or discover information about your corporate identity.


Enhanced DNS (Domain Name Service), new gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) Support

These sites below will give "DNS Error, host not found" messages in 98% of other ISPs. This is because these domain names are New Generic Top Level Domain names and DNS (domain name service) is not provided by root servers since they are new extensions in Internet. Our servers provide ROOT DNS service for all these new domains names (like .nic, .mall, .web, .film etc) in accordance with their registry AlterNIC. You will need to configure your browser first.

New Generic Top Level Domains (.web .nic .mall ...)
.web Internet Domain Name Registry http://nic.web

(Yes you are seeing it right. Indeed these domains are ending in .web and .mall instead of the standard ones like .com or .net or .org. Click on them and see for yourself that they are just like regular domains. There are hot debates on these issues. Visit Alternic for more details)

Of course, the final touch is from us :) http://someone.somebody


Other Services
We provide many other services mainly on Cryptography, Encryption, Securities, Advanced Hosting, Mission Critical Data Hosting, Secure Networks and Firewalls. Contact us for more details on undocumented services. 


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