So you are new to internet, or you have read the site but it all sounded too complicated for you. This is the right page for you then. We use extremely simple, short and non-technical language to make even a novice user to internet understand and use our services.

PROXY Services Summary
Proxy services is our main line of work. We provide proxies to allow users access internet unrestricted. If you cannot visit web sites or if your Internet Service Provider limits your use of internet, you can use our proxy servers to bypass them and access everything.

Our IRC and ICQ servers protect you from dangers of internet or from malicious intentions of other users. You can use our IRC and ICQ proxies to hide your IP address. Everyone else on IRC or ICQ can see our IP address and no one would know your real IP address. If they don't know your IP address, they cannot harm you.

Our anonymizing service hides your true identity and protects your privacy on the web sites you visit.

Our Internet Telephony Proxy Servers allow you to make international calls by using internet telephony products on internet.

Our Enhanced DNS Nameservers allow you to view new web sites like http://nic.web or http://someone.somebody

Our Anonymous Mail Service allows you to send emails without showing your true identity.


1. Configure your browser
Go to our configuration section and configure your browser to use our proxy servers.


2. Test drive our services
After you configured your browser, you can test drive our services.


3. Sign up
If you are pleased with the test drive, you can sign up for membership and immediately start accessing internet unrestricted.


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